About Us

Khatiyas, authentic North Indian cuisine da tadka and warm Punjabi vibes.

Welcome to Tim Luck Luck, the essence of Punjab captured in a Happy Dhaba. Tim Luck Luck combines the warm hospitality of Punjab and the delectable cuisine in an ambiance of bright lights and rich colours. We have tried to capture the spirit of Punjab in more than one ways, resulting in an experience one would love to come back to.
The word ‘Dhaba’ evokes images of sizzling, spicy dishes had on rickety ‘khatiyas’ in quaint little eateries dotting the highways of Punjab. Playing regional music and serving spicy delicacies, a dhaba exudes an air of festivities that makes people sing and dance in joy. Tim Luck Luck is the perfect venue to do that, ‘A happy dhaba for happy people’. From the famous Kukkad Tandoori to the SARSON DA SAAG TEH MAKKI DI ROTI, it has all the delicacies that remind you of Punjab. Eat, drink and make merry or as it’s said in Punjabi, “Khao, piyo, aish karo mitron.”

An endeavor by White Summer Hospitality who gave Pune ’11 East Street Cafe’ and ‘Sheetal Arch’, Tim Luck Luck started functioning from December, 2011. It brings the authentic Punjabi Dhaba experience to Pune. The décor, ambiance, taste and flavours are a pure treat for your senses. With every offering to make a delightful experience, come to Tim Luck Luck and return home with an aftertaste of lip-smacking delicacies and memories of a time well-spent.

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